Classic Mini Electric Conversions by Electric Dream Machine Australia
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Classic Mini Electric Conversions
from $78,500*

FOR CLASSIC MINI 1984 to 1996 RHD. Pricing AUD.
Driving Modes: City 11s 0-100km & Sport 8s 0-100km
Battery: 19kWh High Voltage battery
Range: 175km WLTP
Motor: 72kW Zonic Motor: 100hp, 175nm
Gears: Single speed gearbox
Braking: Regenerative braking
Gauges: Speed Hut 3 gauge set
Drive Selector: Billet Aluminium
Throttle: Fly-by-wire throttle
Charge Port: Type 2 charge port
Subframe: New front subframe
HV Wiring: All High Voltage plug & play
LV Wiring: All Low Voltage plug & play
Heating: PTC cabin heater
Motor Cooling: Liquid cooling system
Charger: 6.6kw charger, DCDC & 3.3kw Bi-Directional
Weight: Original weight and weight distribution
Chassis: Complete bolt-in. No chassis modifications
Installation: Electric Dream Machine
Mini Kit: Powered by Fellten Systems

NEW Classic Mini conversion kit and installation by Electric Dream Machine
We are an offical installer of the Fellten Classic Mini FL10 conversion kit. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. OEM approved bolt-in electric conversion for the classic British MINI and Electric Dream Machine will ensure the kit is fitted professionally on your behalf.

Tiny, timeless technology
Tiny, timeless technology. Same weight, same weight distribution, same boot capacity and same size. But with more performance, guaranteed reliability and 175 km** of emissions free driving, it's the motor MINI was meant to have.

Drive in - Drive Out Electric Mini
The classic mini kit is designed to be fully reversible and non-intrusive with no modifications to the chassis.  The vehicle can be returned to its original form with the A Series engine if needed as the kit fits into the engine bay using an original subframe.

Electric Dream Machine
We are a team of passionate Electric Vehicle (EV) enthusiasts, mechanics, designers, and engineers with over 10 years of experience building custom DIY electric cars. Our combined expertise and passion for all things electric allows us to help bring your unique EV dreams to life. Let us use our knowledge and skills to help turn your EV vision into a reality.

Fellten, (formally Zero EV and Jaunt Motors) is a UK and Australian company that is specialising in manufacturing of world-leading,  Fellten EV parts for use in electric vehicle conversions. Due to its truly pioneering approach, it’s no surprise Fellten has been successful in accelerating the conversion to EV’s around the world.  

Warranty – Piece of Mind
Fellton kit, 1 Year limited KM warranty, Covering Drive train and electrical components.
Battery 3 years or limited KM warranty.
Electric Dream Machine workshop installation, 1 Year limited KM warranty.

Production Slot Reservations are open for the Classic Mini conversions.
Classic Minis RHD from 1984-1996 (Mk 4/5/6/7 RHD 2 door saloon),  including all engine sizes and manual / automatic available to order immediately.

EV Conversions suitable for 1984-1996 Mk 4/5/6/7 RHD 2 door saloon Mini. * The final price will be calculated and indicated on your quote proposal plus pricing for vehicle modification engineering certification process in your State (in Victoria it’s VASS certification). ** Range will vary due to driving conditions and driving style.
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