About us - EV team

We are a bunch of Electric Vehicle (EV) nerds, mechanics, designers & engineering types with a passion for all things electric, and over 10+ years of experience building custom DIY electric cars. We have been involved with the EV community for many years in the Geelong & Surf Coast region in Victoria, Australia. We bring a wealth of knowledge and know-how to help bring your own unique Electric Dream Machine to life...

Blake from Electric Dream Machine
Blake Ramsey
IT, Controller communication, electronics
Doug from Electric Dream Machine
Doug Rolfe
Diagnostics, electronics, education
Mark from Electric Dream Machine
Mark Newell
Design, 3D CAD & vehicle design, marketing
Marten from Electric Dream Machine
Marten Devries
Mechanical, automotive, metal fabrication, fitter welder, workshop management

Our Goal

Our goal is to establish and encourage the uptake of electric vehicles (EV’s) in Australia (still less than 1%) by converting classic vehicles to electric drive  using recycled OEM components (batteries, motors, controllers, chargers, water pumps, electronics) whilst retaining the cars classic looks and style, but without the toxic fumes, oil and noise. 
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