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Would you like to electrify your dream vehicle? We can help make that dream a reality, no matter what kind of vehicle you have in mind - whether it's a Kombi van, Mini, classic Porsche, Holden, Ford, or American muscle car. Your dream vehicle is unique, and we will ensure that the electrification process is done right and meets Australian VASS rules and safety standards. Contact us to get started on bringing your electric dream machine to life.
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Below are a list of questions that will help us understand your EV requirements, it's fine to select "unknown" if unsure, our team will work with you to understand your needs and budget.  

Keep in mind we convert classic and unique vehicles that mean something special to the owner. We unfortunately cannot compete with new electric vehicle prices on the market and if your goal is just going electric at an affordable price, then it may be better to look at second-hand EV's from our friends at Good Car Co
NOTE: The more KM's you require from an EV conversion, the larger the physical battery, weight & price. In some vehicles adding more weight can compromise original vehicle OEM weight limitations. EDM can help with a number of recommendations, potentially including a smaller battery with DC-fast charge options.
Retaining vehicle gearbox and clutch allows you to drive like a manual or simply place vehicle into 3rd gear and drive similar to auto gearbox thanks to electric motors instant torque!
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