Australian EV Charging Locations

Where can I charge my EV conversion in public?

There are already thousands of public EV charging stations located throughout Australia, and the government has plans to install even more in the coming years. You can find a map of charging stations on PlugShare's website. It's also convenient to charge your EV at home using a dedicated vehicle charger or a wall socket charger.

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EV charging stations Australia
How do I know if I will have enough range to reach my destination?

It's easy to plan your electric vehicle (EV) trip with the A Better Routeplanner App (ABRP). Simply download the app or use it in a web browser to plan your route. The software will calculate the best route for your EV, allowing you to add waypoint stops, recharging station stops, and amenity stops to help alleviate range anxiety. You can also try reducing your highway speed in ABRP to extend your battery range. For example, reducing your highway speed from 100kph to 80kph on an MG EV conversion with a 20kWh battery pack could result in arriving at your destination with 37% battery remaining instead of 23%. Please note that many real-life external factors can affect these results.

EV trip planning using ABRP App
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