Upgrade your I-MiEV battery, extend range up to 250km*

i-MiEV 250km* Battery Upgrade

Mitsubishi I-MiEV
The Mitsubishi I-MiEV began production in 2009 as a 5-door hatchback electric vehicle. These cars had a range of 100-160 km, making them suitable for commuting. After 10 years of use, many of these vehicles are experiencing issues with maintaining a full charge or going further than 80 km on a single charge. Our goal is to upgrade these older electric vehicles with a range of 200-250 km* to bring them up to the standards of modern electric vehicles.

Electric Dream Machine is a licensed installer of the Oz Electric Vehicles upgraded battery pack within Victoria for the Mitsubishi I-MiEV and the Minicab MiEV Battery upgrade; This upgrade extends the range from the original 100km up to 200-250km* with fresh batteries that will last you many years.

Capacity and expected range out of the new battery?
The replacement battery pack is 30kWh giving an estimated range up to 200-250km*. Oz Electric Vehicles offers a 3-year guarantee on the upgrade board hardware. 1-year warranty on battery pack.

What's the cost?
The total cost of the upgrade, including shipping the kit from Queensland to our workshop in Moriac, Victoria, as well as all labor and testing, is $16,900 inclusive of GST. A deposit will be required if you choose to proceed with the upgrade, with the final payment due upon completion. Depending on your location, you may also need to budget for the cost of transporting your vehicle to our workshop. Once we receive the battery upgrade kit from Oz Electric Vehicles (which may take between 2-6 weeks), we will schedule your vehicle for an appointment at our workshop. Please allow for 2-4 weeks at our workshop for commissioning, diagnostic testing, and road testing.

Can I keep the old iMiEV batteries?
Yes, the old I-MiEV batteries are yours, sell or use them for off grid storage.

Booking Details
Please call us on 0493 244 516 or email team@ElectricDreamMachine.com.au to discuss your i-MiEV battery upgrade.

i-MiEV and Minicab MiEV battery upgrades
* Range will vary due to driving conditions and driving style. The original I-MiEV battery had a capacity of 16 kWh giving a range of 160 km (Japanese cycle) or 100 km (US EPA cycle). The Minicab MiEV with a 16kWh battery had an estimated range of 150 km (JC08 cycle).
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Battery upgrade for I-MiEV
EDM team replacing old I-MiEV battery with new battery modules
New Battery upgrade kit for Mitsubishi  I-MiEV
New I-MiEV battery pack
EV battery upgrade kit
Happy customers Fiona & Richard picking up their upgraded I-MiEV with extended driving range.
"We continue to be very happy with the upgrade. It is such a different experience having 250km of range and the upgrade is certainly capable of that claim. We never have that situation of 'whoops I forgot to charge therefore I can't do the trip I was planning'. There is always enough. Have done plenty of trips to the south coast and even after these, we don't need to charge. Still got enough for a few suburban trips before topping up.

Previously I might have paid a premium to buy an EV with 450 - 500km range. But I can see that even something with 250 - 350km would be completely practical. Opens up the choices if considering a new EV."

Richard & Fiona
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