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EV Servicing + upgrades

Electric Dream Machine offers EV servicing of OEM electric vehicles and some custom EV conversion vehicles, (including Nissan Leaf, Tesla, Hyundai, MG and more) and battery testing + upgrades all from our EV garage located in Geelong / Surf Coast region in Moriac. Please call us on 0493 244 516 or email team@ElectricDreamMachine.com.au to discuss your requirements or book in EV service.

HV Battery
High voltage (HV)  battery replacement, HV Battery health reports, Battery upgrades for older Nissan Leafs and other OEM EV's and some custom EVs.

HV Connections
We check high voltage (HV) connections for wear or damage.

Auxiliary 12v Battery
All EV's still rely on a 12V battery for auxiliary accessories and headlights/brakes and blinkers. We are able to  test your auxiliary 12V battery to ensure it's operating well.

Although EV's use regenerative braking, it's important to maintain your mechanical brakes. We are also able to test and perform any maintenance required on the braking system in converted and OEM EV's.

Our team will check your tyre pressures and condition.

We can check and report on software or help with firmware updates, we can also check Nissan Leaf HV batteries using third party software.

Many EV's use liquid to cool and heat batteries, we check all connections for leaks and wear, along with brake fluids and other vehicle fluids.

EV Upgrades
Depending on your vehicle, EDM also offer a wide range of EV upgrades, including;

- HV Battery replacement and upgrades
- Inverter upgrades
- DC-DC converter upgrades
- Charger upgrades (Type 1, Type 2 and CCS)
- Custom EV gauges and instrumentation
- Custom software and CANBUS reporting
- Aftermarket upgrades, including heated seats, Android head-units, proximity door open and custom gauges.
- Custom 3D CAD, scanning and vehicle design services

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EDM contacts

The most effective way to reach us is by sending us an email, as we are often occupied in the workshop. Alternatively, you can also leave a message on the mobile number provided below.
EDM Workshop
914 Hendy Main Rd,
Moriac VIC 3240
By Appointment only
0493 244 516
Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm
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